Job Search Support Ebook
                 15 Steps to Revitalize Your Job Search
                            &  Achieve Your Career Vision

By Pamela Watson
                                                  A Beacon Career Management, LLC Publication

Why I Wrote This Job Search Ebook

Our annual company conference was well underway and Orlando, Florida could not have been more welcoming.  The second day of conference activities included a review of anticipated changes across the entire company.  The company was moving towards a centralized structure and we had been managing a series of changes for two years or so.  The day started out with a keynote address, team building exercises, and an interesting sketch performed by regional directors which ended with the phrase: “Mission Possible!”  By the afternoon, the staff was pumped with a sense of purpose and direction. 

Within minutes, my purpose and direction were completely derailed.  As one of the executive vice presidents proudly announced a newly formed committee to oversee changes across all regions, I realized clearly that my day with the company was marked.  My counterpart in the northern part of our state had been selected to serve on the committee - - I had not.  As the presentation continued, I sat in my chair and began to connect the dots.  Although it was 95 degrees in sunny central Florida, my body was frozen solid as I morphed into stages of denial (“this is just a committee”); disbelief (“I cannot believe they overlooked me”); and then anger (“what could they possibly know about my state?”). 

Hours later, after picking over a completely indigestible meal during an employee recognition dinner, I received one of many blessings that would come my way.   One of the directors from a mid-western office casually sat beside me and said: “You should have been selected to the committee.”   We both nodded...not in agreement to the statement, but in full recognition that politics is alive and well and runs a cruel course during organizational change. 

             The blessing came later as the mid-western director gave me the backstory
             and explained what the conference in Florida was really about.  Later that
             night, I called one of the best contacts in my network: my husband.  I said,
             “Everything we’ve been talking about for the past two years is starting to
             to happen.”  He was prepared to discuss the viability of all previously
             discussed plans...and the acceleration of Plan B, Plan C, etc.  I knew it was
             time to make a move before the organization took a move against my best


              I wrote this book to share, not just my experience as a director with a
            career development organization or as a resume writer and career
            consultant, but also to help you uncover what career moves you                         should be taking to preserve your best interests and long term goals.

I refer to collective work experiences as a Career Success Story because, essentially, we are all living a story of some type.  Hopefully what you have been able to do is create an effective structure to support your Career Success Story.  Additionally, it is hopeful that you have developed a solid network of “characters” or contacts that can help your Career Success Story unfold effectively. 

                   Using a 15 Step Plan, this book will help you:

  • market your experiences, skills and interests during a job search. 
  • develop a job searching strategy  that matches your goals, or Career Vision
  • document your success story on paper
  • uncover hidden job opportunities
  • maximize your network successfully
  • master job interviews to effectively connect with hiring managers.


The most important skill that a job seeker needs to develop is her or her networking capabilities.  You may be able to network across your personal contacts, business relationships, professional associations, or even through the various resources you compile to assist you in your job search. 

If you decide to add my Job Search Support Ebook to your network, I  firmly believe that you will find a good deal of the support you're seeking during your search.  If you have any questions or comments regarding the Job Search Support Ebook, please contact me directly at

Best Wishes to Your Career Success!

Pamela Watson


15 Steps to Revitalize
Your Job Search
& Achieve Your Career Vision

Pamela Watson

Job Search Support Ebook

Section  I:  Know Where You're Heading

Section  II:  Set Your Strategy

Section  III:  Create A Success Story Resume

Section  IV:  Network..Network..Network

Section  V: The Job Interview

Section  VI:  Career & Job Search Resources

  If you're currently searching for a new
  opportunity, do you have a Career Vision?

  How you would answer the questions below
  as you design your own Career Vision:

  • What position would you like to handle when you reach the end of your career? 

  • Where will you be located? 

  • How will you contribute to the workplace or society by the end of your career?

  • Can you detail how you will get there?

  • What benchmarks can you build within your plan (i.e., 20 years)?

                  (excerpt, the Job Search Support Ebook)

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       Job Search Support:
"How To Create Your Career Vision"

With facilitator certifications in Myers-Briggs career assessment and CareerArchitect, Pamela has conducted training sessions in Interview Skills, Career Goal Setting, Diversity, Resume Writing, Supervisory Skills, and Leadership Skills.  Additionally, she has earned a Green Belt through the continuous improvement process, Six Sigma.

Pamela is a member of The National Association of Professional Women, American Society for Training & Development and the Institute for Executive Development. She has been featured on WNYC radio as well as The Star-Ledger newspaper.


15 Steps to Revitalize
Your Job Search
& Achieve Your Career Vision

Pamela Watson

Author Info:

Formerly a managing director with a national career development and placement organization, Pamela Watson has more than eighteen years experience in the field of career development, pre-screening, recruitment, placement, and training.  Currently,  she is working within the area of Organizational Learning at a nonprofit organization in addition to servicing clients seeking job search assistance.
(excerpt, Job Search Support Ebook)

I enjoyed reading your e-book because it gave me a number of ideas for my career path.  You've provided information that would be useful for any job seeker, or someone planning to be more proactive with their career. 

I like how the information provided can be used for tackling almost any major life change.

- J.D.

Wow!  Your ebook was such an inspiration!  I'm ready to re-enter the workforce with a great deal of confidence.

- B. A.